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Japan to the World!

In Japan, there are a number of brands, products, and cultures that possess potential to sell in overseas markets. POINTS takes these worthy things of Japan and markets them to the world with a primary focus on ASEAN. Our mission is to bridge the gap between two “points”: one being Japanese brands, products, and cultures, with the other being ASEAN-focused overseas countries, regions, locations, and consumers. Utilizing our amassed expertise, know-how, and network in marketing, advertising, and public relations, we offer support to Japanese-affiliated companies and local municipalities for business expansion in ASEAN.

Spread Japan brand, product and culture to ASEAN!!

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PR, Event, SNS, Marketing,
Branding, Media

We offer a wide range of services across ASEAN: market strategic planning, advertisement planning and production, branding, local research, media buying, and consulting. If you’re a company or government representative that is interested in foreign markets, though unsure how to proceed, feel free to reach out to us.
Thanks to establishing an office in Singapore, the hub city of ASEAN, our services extend throughout ASEAN—Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Our experience, proficiency, and networks in each country’s market allows us to provide the optimal solution.

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Business Fields



We specialize in all aspects of marketing for business expansion to ASEAN markets. We offer proposals for marketing plans which are tailored to all markets.

・Market strategic planning

・Any other general marketing



We offer corporate, product, and municipal branding services, and can propose optimal branding strategies for business expansion in ASEAN markets.

・Corporate branding strategic planning

・Product branding strategic planning

・Municipal, culture brand strategic planning

・Any other general branding



We offer ASEAN market-geared advertising planning and production services. This includes planning and production of a wide variety of graphics, outdoor advertisements, events, videos, web, application, as well as various other advertising materials.

・Event planning, production, and supervision

・Outdoor advertising organization planning and production

・Web production, online advertisement organization

・Graphic and video planning and production

・Any other general advertising production



We offer research and study services throughout countries in ASEAN, and can accommodate a variety of clients’ needs via our unique on-site partner network.

・Local market research representation

・Consumer questionnaire survey representation

・Other general research services throughout ASEAN

Human Resource


We offer temporary staffing services for events all across ASEAN that can accommodate our clients’ needs.

・Event organization staff dispatching

・MC and model dispatching

・Blogger dispatching

・Other temporary staffing services



We offer consulting services for market expansion across ASEAN that empower us to provide consulting and support in a variety of formats that accommodate our clients’ needs.

・Business development consulting

・Advertisement consulting

・Brand consulting

・Any other general consulting

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Our Strength

A Domestic and International Dual Office Set-up


Our dual office set-up in Japan and Singapore allows us to simultaneously be in close communication with Japanese domestic corporations while keeping our hands on the pulse of the latest developments in countries throughout ASEAN. This set-up allows us to provide the optimal solution for business expansion in ASEAN.

A Team of Seasoned Professionals


Our team is composed of members with expertise in various areas of marketing, advertising, branding, public relations, and the world-wide web. Their amassed proficiency and know-how gives them the ability to respond to any request.


A Multinational Team


Our team is composed of multinational, Japanese and Singaporean-centric members and partners to ensure flexibility in dealing with projects from any country, or in any language. All business solutions are approached from both a Japanese perspective and the perspective of natives from each pertinent country.

ASEAN Original Network


Our company has established a field and industry-rich partner network that extends throughout ASEAN. Our one-of-a-kind onsite network enables us to provide and achieve optimal and unique plans.

Company Profile

– Singapore –


Managing Director: Yamamoto Hiroaki

Capital: SGD 50,000

Company Incorporation: 1st May 2016

Official Operations: 7th July 2016

Address: 59 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059405

Contact: contact@points-global.com

Business Field:

1: Marketing Research

2: Marketing Consulting

3: Branding Strategy

4: Social Media Communications

5: Advertising Production

6: Media Buying

7: Event Planning & Management

8: Human Resource

– Japan –

Company name: POINTS JAPAN INC.

Established on: July 1st, 2016

Company president: Yosuke Kobayashi

Main office address: #405 THE MOCK-UP , 4-8-1, Kojimachi, Chiyorda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083 Japan

Contact:  TEL (81)3-6869-8910, FAX (81)3-5468-1510

Email: contact@points-global.com

Business outline:

  1. Advertisement planning and production and advertisement agency services
  2. Internet-based information provision services
  3. Marketing support business
  4. Web solution and web marketing
  5. Event and exhibition planning and production, site management and operation

Primary bank: Mizuho Bank

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